The Revival House is a platform to celebrate the experience of going to the movies.  Our mission is to foster a community through the shared experience of film and presenting programs that are unique, entertaining, and fun.  

Events include:

 Your Roots are Showing: A double feature that focuses on cult classics and their effects on more modern movies.


 Docs that Rock: Documentary films that managed to slip under the radar but demand to be seen on the big screen with an audience.


 Teen Screen: Teenagers get a bad rap in mainstream films, but there are a number of films that deal with those formative years with honesty and sincerity.


 Don’t Hassle Me, I’m Local: The local filmmaking community gets the big-screen treatment as we highlight some of the region’s best.


 Pain Don’t Hurt: A classic line from a “classic” Patrick Swayze film that encapsulates the certain mystique of truly awful films. Audience participation will be required!